We offer customized cleaning services to clients who want to keep their garments in pristine condition. Our services are open to a wide variety of items, from bespoke suits to delicate couture items.

Clothing Services


Clothing undergo routine inspection throughout the cleaning process. With delicate fabrics (Like silk, velvet and cotton), the treatment is particularly gentle and suited for each material. This ensures protection of natural fibers and the rejuvenation of the garment's colors and textures.


After a measurement appointment, the client’s clothes are taken to a warehouse where our highly trained tailors apply their expertise to the garment. The garment will make its way back to Delicates where a fitting will take place to ensure the client’s satisfaction


Every garment that needs repair is examined carefully by our staff. The garment will then go through a cleaning process if needed and then sent to the restoration department. where our craftsmen will get working on the repairs that have been requested. 


Whether you need us to fix your Buckles, add extra holes or fix the stitching on your favorite belt, all is possible to make it look as new.


The smallest details are not overlooked. Our craftsman hold 20 years of experience when it comes to restoring and repairing items. Every step is supervised in order to achieve the best possible results.


Our staff inspects a client's fur item and take it through an appropriate cleaning process. The item is then assigned to a member at out storage facility who will keep track of the item's state throughout its stay at Delicates.








Fur Storage Services

Controlled Environment


How it Works

Step 1

Choose one of our services and WhatsApp us to request a quote

Step 2

Choose your preferable drop-off/delivery options

Step 3

Our craftsmen apply their expertise (5-10 business days)

Step 4

Collect or get your items delivered in 5-10 business days

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What Our Clients had to Say


    “I liked the service very very much and I didn't expect alteration of this caliber. You returned my shoes like new and I will repeat my patronage.”


    “All the pieces are fitting well. God bless you!”


    “First, God bless on the excellent service and friendly service staff. Good value prices and the work quality fantastic. The precision of cleaning and care is something that we do not see everyday. God bless you!”


    “Frankly, I really liked the cleaning!”


    “The pieces are beautiful and I am very satisfied of the good service.”


    “Your work is elegant and distinctive. Thank you!”


    “Your service is fantastic! Thank you!”