Delicates helps make day more magical by providing quality bridal gown and evening wear cleaning and restoration services. From the most delicate couture gowns to the most prized vintage gowns. 

Bridal & Evening Wear Services


After a measurement appointment, the client's dress is taken to a warehouse where our highly trained tailors apply their expertise to the garment. The garment will make its way back to Delicates where a fitting will take place to ensure the client's satisfaction.


The client's dress is carefully examined by our highly trained staff. The dress will then be taken through a specialized cleaning process, which is well suited for even the most delicate materials. The client will then be contacted to collect or get the dress delivered depending on the prior agreement.


Upon arrival, the wedding gown is taken through our cleaning services, after which, it is moved to our cutting edge storage facility where it will receive frequent care and cleaning from our staff. The client will be able to get access to their products on any workday.


Professional Bridal Alteration Services


How it Works

Step 1

Choose one of our services and WhatsApp us to request a quote

Step 2

Choose your preferable drop-off/delivery options

Step 3

Our craftsmen apply their expertise (5-10 business days)

Step 4

Collect or get your items delivered in 5-10 business days

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What Our Clients Had to Say


    “I loved the work a lot, god bless you.”


    “Frankly speaking, I was not expecting the work to be of this level, extremely excellent.”


    “Very Very Satisfied! Thank you!”


    “The result is more than great, god bless you. I liked the work a lot!”


    “The result is frankly very nice. The dress turned white as the day I bought it and the make up on it completely disappreared! ”


    “Satisfied completely. Excellent!”


    “Excellent quality of work and delivery. God bless you!”