DELICATES cares about you, your personal belongings AND THE ENVIRONMENT

Eco-Conscious is new Black

Eco-Consciousness is Everyone's Duty

With some materials being extremely hard to recycle due to their complex fibers, Delicates is helping in the Eco-Movement by promoting services that encourage the process of REPAIRING, MAINTAINING and REUSING which helps keep clothing items usable for longer periods of time.     

Please join the Eco-Conscious movement and consider the Ecology before you throw anything away that could be restored as new.

DELICATES Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable or Eco packaging refers to the sourcing, development, and use of packaging solutions that have minimal environmental impact and footprint.  Choosing Earth-friendly packaging supplies and processes will go a long way in minimizing the waste and pollution that end up in our landfills and oceans.

This why at Delicates we use Eco-Friendly Packaging such as Recyclable & Degradable Corrugated Cardboard and/or Recyclable re-enforced Spun bound Fabric to pack and deliver your clothing, bags, shoes etc.


Wooden Hangers

Only long term use, biodegradable hangers are used and never any plastic hangers all in consideration of the environment.

Recyclable Spun Bound Bags

Only Recyclable spun bound fabric is used for bags that are durable and re-usable by our clients either in their wardrobes or during their travels.

Sustainability for Future Generations

Sustainability has become a basic goal for any responsible business operating in the 21st century. At the helm of this concept is the idea of conserving in order safeguard our planet for future generations. 

What we all do with our clothes, bags, shoes and other items can help battle many of the environmental issues that we face today.

Sustainable Fashion