Home linen and upholstery requires care and the highest level of understanding. Delicates prides itself in always living up to its standards by ensuring that only the best care is given to your home linen and upholstery.

Home Linen & Upholstery Services


Delicates is unique. After being examined by highly trained technicians, they go through a customized treatment – depending on the type of garment and kind of stain.


The Staff at Delicates will guide the client through the various choices they have when it comes to coloring their linen. The client is welcome to bring forward ideas of what colors they want Delicates to apply to their linen. The process takes 5-7 days, after which the client will then be contacted to check if their satisfied with the product.


Our stuff will send linen to our workshop where our craftsmen will apply their expertise to your linen. This process will take anytime from from 5-7 days. The client will be contacted to examine the product and collect or get it delivered, depending on their preferred method.



Furniture Linen Cleaning Services


How it Works

Step 1

Choose one of our services and WhatsApp us to request a quote

Step 2

Choose your preferable drop-off/delivery options

Step 3

Our craftsmen apply their expertise (5-10 business days)

Step 4

Collect or get your items delivered in 5-10 business days

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What Our Clients Had to Say


    “My linen is always fresh and crisp after coming from Delicates”


    “Efficient, effective and convenient. What more can you ask for, I got fresh linen back within a few days”


    “I would advise anyone to use their services, the staff is was so welcoming and my linen looks great”