Luxury items don’t only require maintenance, but also need special care and craftsmanship to keep them in the best possible state. Delicates provides a diverse shoe cleaning service that can handle anything from the finest leather shoe to the latest sneakers.

Shoe Services


Your shoes and you will love what a basic polish can do! For your shoe’s longevity and for your happiness in being able to wear your favorite shoes longer. It is an art and practice that deserves its rightful and regular place in your wardrobe regimen.


Not just for soldiers and men! The art of polishing boots and shoes to give them a ‘mirror’ shine is a rare skill mastered only by the most patient and fastidious of artisans.  All shoes will benefit from this and make the leather last so much longer.


We clean your trainers’ interior and exterior, including laces, using a different range of methods for every situation. While we can’t guarantee that we can completely remove all stains, we pride ourselves on developing the most comprehensive range of solutions available.


Using the most comprehensive range of solutions available, we carefully clean the interior and exterior of your leather and suede boots and shoes, as well as mixed material fashion trainers (including laces) using a range of methods. While we can’t guarantee that we can completely remove all stains we can certainly remove most while providing longevity and good looks to your foot wear.


To get those lovelies looking just right, just a little extra love and time are all that is required. We carefully apply our techniques (inside and out) to your specific situation, and finish with a spray to help protect them for future wear.


Perfect for those uber-luxury trainers that require extra careful handling such as ......          ( insert shoes choices here)..

We carefully clean your trainers’ interior and exterior (including laces) using a range of methods appropriate to the material and damage. Although we can’t guarantee that all stains will be removed, you can rest comfortably knowing that your trainers are in the most capable and passionate hands.


Sometimes you are in need of some major cleaning with specific techniques to salvage your item. Fortunately, we have the equipment, experience and procedures in place to apply to your damaged shoe, bag or clothing.
Please let us know if you are sending us such a situation in advance as health and safety measures may be required.


How to prevent the sole's wear and tear?
Easy! this is the least expensive and most effective pre-wear and mid-wear solution a fashionista can employ. A small circular metal disc is nailed shallowly into a leather sole at its most vulnerable points (toes and heels).A simple fix to extend the life of your shoe.


When your heel is in need of some TLC after some damage from gravel, grass steins or other.  We can recover the heel stem of stilettos or boots in new fabric or leather. We will source as close a match to the original (or a complementary match of your choosing) to get you that like-new feeling.


The end of the stiletto heel wears down so fast that sometimes before you know it, its down way beyond where it should be. Not to worry. This service replaces the tip with a perfectly fitted and colored replacement.


Everyone wears down the back of their heels, especially at the back corner. Making sure you repair it before it damages the heel block is vital. Whether you bring us a loafer or lace-up, leather, or rubber, we’ll replace it quickly and with a close-as-possible match to the original unless you ask otherwise.


In a stiletto, boot or dress shoe, the shank is an internal piece of metal that gives support and stability. Sometimes it breaks, or gets loose and makes a squeaky noise. We can bend it back into place, or we can replace it altogether.


When the heel tears away from the base of the shoe, often exposing the nail, fear not! It looks nastier than it is. We will remove and replace the nails and reattach the heel, occasionally using the same heel if it is not damaged.


When the heel itself snaps we need to replace the whole piece. Matching the shape, slope and height we then re-cover in a material as close as possible to the original or even a complementary material if you wish.


A protective sole can work magic for both men and women’s shoes.  A delicately thin rubber sole is adhered to the outer leather sole providing grip, comfort and longevity. We cut ours low and curved, using a color closest to the color of the original sole’s outer edge.


Most often appropriate for ladies stilettos.
A toe piece is a mini resole but only at the shoe’s tip where it always seems to wear so much faster than the rest of the sole.


Here, we replace the outer sole from the bend in your foot to the toe if the heel is too high. Whatever the reason a half-sole may be your solution.  We will match as close as possible to the original style unless you ask otherwise.


This service provides an excellent ‘new’ like feeling and effectively restarts the clock on the shoe’s lifetime.  Also called a ‘long sole’, this is a resole from the toe all the way back to the heel block and includes a re-heel.  Please be aware that this will remove any embossed branding on the original sole.


Over time your items will show wear and tear, from damage or discoloration, to rivets or pins – our dedicated sourcing team can fix the original, source new pieces or liaise directly with the brands to solve hardware problems.


Very small strips of elastic between ankle straps and buckles are easily broken on delicate shoes and sandals. We will source and replace with the closest possible match in size, colour and material to the original or source something specific upon request.


Binding on shoes usually runs along the opening of the shoe to provide a finished or decorative effect to raw edges. It can be found on many bags as well as trainers and shoes. When it muddies, tears or wears down, we can replace it in whole or in part with as close as possible a match to the original.


Small loops of leather and other material (also called ‘keepers’) hold important components together such as straps, buckles, laces. When they break and are irreparable, we simply make you a new one. We match everything as close as possible to the original or, if it must be perfect, sometimes we can even source the original material direct.


Over time pieces are lost or damaged. We can recreate and attach new tassels or zip pullers. We match as close to the original as possible unless you feel creative and request something new.


Over time the industrial strength glue that typically holds the insole and the base sole together will degrade, sometimes getting dry, cracking, and losing adherence. A re-last means that we will take the shoes apart, remove the old glue and re-apply fresh glue to ensure all is secure again.


An insole (or ‘sock’) is the leather or fabric sole glued to the shoe’s inside along the interior bottom, where you step on. We custom cut a fresh piece of leather or put padding under your existing one to add a cushion or help with fit. Please take note that this will remove any embossed or foiled branding, we can however sometimes save fabric sewn-in tags.


Over time, feet coming in and out and moving up and down can really wear down the thin piece of sheepskin (or goatskin) on the inside of the heel counter.  Eventually the area wears down and needs to be replaced. Combine this with a resole and a clean, and you’ll fall in love all over again.


Naturally, our shoes and boots need a little help getting adjusted to our unique feet.  To save you the time that this normally takes, we can stretch your shoe in all four directions. While this can make the breaking in process faster and more tolerable, we can not stretch a shoe or boot a full size. Please also note we can not overstretch shoes without risk of damage.


If you are looking to protect new shoes or loved ones after a clean or shoeshine then just ask us. We use top-of-the-line water repellent products, applied in thin layers, for extra protection from the elements.


Not all color restoration will need surface restoration, but all surface restoration will need color.  From holes and scratches to color fade and denim transfer, leather surface and color restoration is where we excel.  We take a less is more approach, preferring to let a few flaws show through rather than compromise the touch and feel of our favorite and most respected material.


Sometimes an altogether new color is what we want for our favorite item. We can recolor shoes or bags in any color darker than the original… the darker the color, the more consistent the result. Some limitations do apply, and it is not recommended for suede, nubuck or patent. Please contact us for more information, our team are happy to help.


Whatever you need whether it be from damage, looking for a new look, some initials or new decorations?  We are here to help.  Send us your bright idea or ask our team to get creative with some design sketches. They love it to help and make all your wishes come true.

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    “I liked your work very much - precise and clean. The item returned as new. Thank you!”


    “Everything is perfect and of high quality. Thank you for everything and for your strong care.”

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